Anduril Kennels Boarding

Anduril Kennels

Family owned and operated boarding kennel outside Bozeman, MT.  Dogs who vacation at Anduril Kennels have indoor kennel runs with a heated area and a cooler "indoor patio" like area.  During the days, the dogs have large outdoor play yards where they can play with a group of other dogs or can relax by themselves or with their buddy, depending on the dogs "social preferences".  The kennel is located on the property where Rob Greger, kennel manager and renowned dog trainer, and his family live.  Cara Greger, wife and co-kennel manager is a certified Vet Technician.  As dog owners and trainers, the Greger family is very knowledgeable in caring for your best friend.  Please take a look around this site for more information.

Business Hours

Monday through Friday: Pick-ups and Drop-offs by appointment only, please call (406) 585-7817

Saturday: Pick-ups and Drop-offs by appt.

Sunday: no Pick-ups or Drop-offs


Kennel Rates

1 dog per night: $30.00

2 dogs per night: $40.00 (when dogs share kennel)

3 dogs per night: $45.00 (when dogs share kennel)

4 dogs per night: $50.00 (when dogs share kennel)


1 dog per month: $750.00

2 dogs per month: $900.00